VoxelCube platform version Baddeley released

We are pleased to announce the second release of our VoxelCube medical imaging platform, codenamed Baddeley.

21 October 2016

We are pleased to announce the second release of our VoxelCube medical imaging platform, codenamed Baddeley. The Baddeley release adds support for volume estimation using the Cavalieri method.

The following functionality is included:

A new URL

Platform moved to new URL, platform.voxelcube.com.

Navigation bar Options menu updated

Navigation bar Options menu replaced by three new menus: Actions, Navigation and View.

  • Menus change dynamically depending on object selected (image, experiment, view, section group, section etc).
  • When an image is selected, the Actions menu contains a Run Cavalieri Volume menu item for running a Cavalieri volume experiment.
  • The Navigation menu is used to traverse the hierarchy of image, experiment, view, section group and section or to move from one section to the next.
  • When a Cavaleri volume section is selected, the Views menu can be used to switch between structures defined in an experiment.

Baddeley release showing white matter volume estimation using the Cavalieri method

Run a Cavalieri volume experiment

To run a Cavalieri volume experiment:

  • Select an image, open the Actions menu and select Run Cavalieri Volume.
  • Enter structures whose volumes are to be estimated and a grid size determining test system area per point (A/P).
  • Click the Run Cavalieri Volume button to create a new Cavalieri volume experiment on the selected image.
  • Test systems of points are overlain uniform randomly on image sections.
  • To count points, navigate to an experiment section and use your mouse to click points on or off. Click once to toggle a point on or off or click and drag to toggle multiple points on or off.
  • Use the View menu to switch between structures.
  • The Cavalieri Volume experiment overview page shows: slice interval (T), area per point (A/P), volume of each structure, total number of points counted per structure and points counted per structure per section.

Left and right arrow keys can be used to navigate between previous and next image sections without the need to open the Navigation menu.

If you would like to trial the platform, please contact us via our Twitter account, @getvoxelcube, or email us using the address hello at VoxelCube dot com.