A collection of articles on medical imaging, image analysis and stereology.

Random position and orientation

How to ensure objects (such as a points, straight lines, curves or planes) have random position and orientation.

18 February 2017

Properties of random variables

In this article a number of fundamental results regarding the expectation and variance of discrete and continuous random variables are stated and proved.

5 January 2017

An introduction to random variables

An introduction to probability theory, discrete and continuous random variables.

2 December 2016

The principles of magnetic resonance imaging

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a non-invasive means of obtaining clinical images and of studying tissue metabolism in vivo. Since the discovery of NMR in 1946, the development of NMR spectrometers and NMR scanners has led to the opening up of whole new branches of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. This article describes the principles of magnetic resonance imaging.

1 November 2016